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In response, Sandberg stressed Facebook’s work to hire more people to review content and invest more heavily in artificial intelligence that can spot fake accounts. Dorsey pledged a thorough review of the way Twitter works, echoing comments he made to the Washington Post earlier this month. He also said that Twitter is “considering” plans to label automated accounts, typically called “bots,” though he warned that whatever system the company unveils will not be able to detect all bots created by users..

cheap jordans from china Entering the legal profession at a time when women were not widely welcomed, she found “not a law firm in New York would employ me.” Having studied law so that “I could do something that could make society a little better,” she followed the example of the civil rights movement to reduce private, state and federal discrimination against women. The tone of the era sounds almost medieval. In some cheap jordans free shipping states, husbands had the sole power to choose where their family lived, whether to permit their wives to apply for a credit card or even to rape their wives with no legal consequences.. cheap jordans from china

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