Which Type of Bow Is Not Legal for General Bow Hunting in Washington

I want to buy a crossbow. But every crossbow I`ve seen has riflescopes. To hunt our riflescopes on crossbows legally in Wash.Stats. Bow hunting is limited to longbows and curved bows with a minimum stroke of 40 pounds, com-pound bows with a minimum stroke of 35 pounds, and crossbows with a minimum draw weight of 100 pounds. Only arrows with a fixed minimum width of 7/8 inches or an open-headed robot with a minimum width of 7/8 inches in the open position may be used to collect bears, deer or wild turkeys. Blunt arrowheads can be used when ingesting small animals and birds, including but not limited to rabbits, squirrels, quails, grouse, pheasants. Poisonous, drugged, barbed wire or explosive arrowheads cannot be used to take game with you. Bolts must use wide arcs, as described for arrows Longbows, curved bows and compound bows that shoot widehead arrows are allowed. No explosive or chemical devices may be attached to the boom or broadhead. There is no minimum weight for arcs or minimum diameter for wide heads. The arrows must be at least 18 inches long. Pulling locks on compound bows are legal. Is it legal in Washington to catch red carp with a crossbow? A person hunting with a bow and arrow must not use or possess any of the following: – Explosive, toxic, hydraulic or pneumatic switches; – crossbows and traction guards holding the bow when fired partially or entirely, except in the cases provided for in 41:09:12; – Arrow remnants that have more than three inches of continuous contact with the arrow; – Electronic devices mounted on the bow that assist in the removal of game.

It is illegal to hunt wild turkeys, bears, deer or wild boars with broad-headed arrows that have less than two sharp edges less than 3/4 inch wide. It is also illegal to use an arrow with an explosive, drugged or poisoned head or handle. Crossbow hunting in Washington during archery season is prohibited unless you have a disabled hunting license, in which case you can hunt with a crossbow at any time of the year when archery weapons are allowed. However, it is legal to use a crossbow during a modern gun season. As always, you need to successfully complete a hunter training/training course before you can get a hunting license – read more about this here. I obtained a license approved by disabled hunter`s license, poster, crossbow. How can I find information for a disabled crossbow hunter regarding the following: Process for a disabled hunter to insert 1 or more drawings? How can a disabled hunter request a drawing? Access – is more than one area allowed? Can a disabled hunter hunt with a crossbow during gun season? Can a disabled hunter hunt the Eastern Washington region (with companion) and the companion list for the West Washington region? Can a disabled hunter hunt more than moose or deer in Washington State? Special hunts outside the state crossbow disable the hunter`s authorization and option. Crossbow hunting in Alaska is an option. Any arrow used for big game hunting must have a wide tip that, when fully extended, cannot penetrate a ring three-quarters of an inch in diameter.

A big game hunter using archery equipment may possess arrows without wide-headed points during hunting if the arrows are not used to catch big game or try to catch them. Equipment that can dispense chemicals to dispose of big game should not be used. A bow must be pulled, held and loosened by hand. Any release aid may be used provided that it is operated manually, that the contactor supports the pulling weight of the bow and that the release is not attached to any part of the bow other than the bow string. Bows used for moose and moose hunting must have at least (35 for deer) 50 pounds of traction at a train length of 28 inches or less. Booms must be at least 24 inches long, sharp with a wide metal head, have at least two sharp edges, and have a cutting diameter of at least 3/4 inch (i.e., not be able to pass through a 3/4-inch blade without strength and have solid blades (i.e., wide heads with mechanical or retractable blades made to stay open, are illegal). Rifle scopes, rangefinders, battery-operated or electronically illuminated sights or any other electronic device attached to the bow or arrow are not permitted, with the exception of light cameras and recording devices that do not assist in distance determination, aiming or archery. Vertical arcs, limited to longbows, recurved bows or compound bows with a minimum movement of 40 pounds at any given time in a 28-inch train. The minimum length of the boom is 20 inches. Any mechanical device capable of maintaining a pulled or partially drawn position on a vertical bow without the hunter exerting complete tension on the strings is illegal. For deer and bear hunting, the vertical bow must have a full traction of at least 30 pounds.

Crossbows, longbows, curved bows and compound bows are allowed for hunting game or wild boar. Arrows for hunting deer, bear or wild boar should be of the broad-headed type. There are no restrictions on the widehead cutting edges, widehead material or diameter of the crossbow`s widehead. Booms/bolts must have a hunting point at least 7/8 inches wide, including mechanical wideheads with this width requirement when fully open. So I am a 100% disabled veteran and I was wondering if I could legally use a crossbow during hunting season. Bowhunters should use a broad-headed when hunting big game, including turkeys in the spring and fall. Archers can always possess an arrow marked with each point when they are on the field to train. In addition, bowhunters must use a bow of at least 40 pounds of traction weight when hunting moose and 30 pounds when hunting all other big game. The minimum arch is 40 pounds at the train or at the top, whichever comes first. wdfw.wa.gov/publications/01712/wdfw01712.pdf (for the link above, press CTRL+F and type disabled, this will help you find all the cases where the word disabled is used) Page 91 talks specifically about disabled hunters.