When Are You Legally Married in New York

New York requires detailed records of all previous marriages of both applicants. In this way, no citizen can be “doubly married” or married to two partners. The 24-hour waiting period may be waived by a judge or judge of the Supreme Court of the State of New York or the district judge of the county in which one of the parties to be married resides or, if that party is at least seventeen years of age, by the judge of the family court of that county. Weddings are more than a beautiful declaration of love – they are an important contract. Preparation, research and care are necessary ingredients. But you shouldn`t stress about paperwork dancing on the front desk floor. With Zola`s guide to marriage law, you can organize a wedding in New York that is fluid and legally binding. In certain circumstances, you can ask a court to annul your marriage. For example, if you or your spouse were not mentally competent when you married, or if you were forced or forced to marry, or if a physical disability prevents you or your spouse from having sex in order to consummate the marriage. This type of marriage can be considered invalid.

Marriages involving these circumstances are valid until a court annuls the marriage. A marriage may also be considered void if one of the spouses has suffered from an incurable mental illness for five years or more. One of the things that wedding couples need to consider is how they can legally get married in the area where they are planning their wedding. In the United States, marriage is a state law, so couples who choose New York as their wedding venue must comply with New York State law for their ceremony to be considered valid and their marriage legal. Here are the things every couple should know about marriage in upstate New York. New York State has a variety of places. If you want to get married in New York City, the possibilities are quite endless. From Brooklyn to the Bronx and Manhattan, from Queens to Staten Island, you`re sure to find something perfect for you. Whether it`s a historic ballroom-style venue or a rooftop reception, the city offers so many options that it`s almost hard to decide! In New York, there is only one way to marry legally – with a marriage certificate. As with finding a venue in any location, you need to consider the basics such as capacity numbers and what`s included in each venue`s packages. In New York, however, you should think even more about location.

In a city that spans over 22 square miles, you have plenty of backdrops for your special event. But it also means that you really need to focus on your unique wedding vision and choose a part of the city that suits your atmosphere. That could mean opting for an industrial warehouse near the Brooklyn Bridge so you can take portraits on the waterfront, or focusing on Midtown locations to experience a lively environment at the center of the action. Finally, think about the degree of intimacy you hope for in a wedding venue and narrow your search accordingly. If you`re hoping for peace and seclusion in a city of nearly 9 million people, you need to be strategic when choosing your location. If you get married and you and your spouse are too closely related, you are not legally married. If one of you is still legally married to an ex-spouse or does not meet the age requirements, you are not legally married. In such a case, your marriage is considered invalid and it is as if you had never been married. Both parties must be present with all documents and both must sign in person; No representative can sign for anyone else. If you have ever been married, you will need to provide proof of a marriage certificate, annulment, divorce decree or death certificate to confirm that your previous marriage has ended. Family Relationships: For health and ethical reasons, New York has certain family restrictions on marriage.

You cannot marry your siblings, parents, children, uncle, aunt, niece or nephew in this state. However, first cousins and second cousins can legally marry in New York. Officials: The term “officiant” refers to anyone legally authorized to perform a wedding ceremony – so not your average Joe. In New York, these include governors, mayors, state legislators, qualified judges, ordained religious leaders, and other ordained persons. If your friend wants to perform your marriage, he must be ordained by law under section 11 of the New York Domestic Relations Act. A couple intending to marry in New York State must personally apply for a marriage license from a state city clerk. The permit application must be signed by both applicants in the presence of the City Clerk or Clerk. A representative cannot apply for the permit on behalf of the applicant. This also applies if the representative has received a power of attorney. New York City marriage licenses are valid for 60 days, so you should plan to start your application no later than two months after your wedding ceremony date.

The application process is simple, but you need to make sure you have all your documents, payment information, and ID forms ready when it`s time to get started. Like many states, New York has a “waiting period” for its marriage license holders, which means you can`t get married until that time is up. Typically, this period lasts 24 hours for New York couples. So you`ve found this one, put a ring on it, and now you`re ready to plan your celebration in New York. But where do you start? To start with the basics, in addition to securing a venue and suppliers like a wedding official, florist, and photographer, as well as anything that comes with a wedding, you need to tick off the legal items. First, it means deciding to change your name and make sure you apply for a marriage license in New York before the big day. Luckily, the process for a legal marriage in New York is pretty straightforward — assuming you do your homework — and we`ve detailed every step of the process below. Location: To get a marriage license in New York, you can be a tourist or a resident for life. However, a couple with a New York marriage certificate must hold their ceremony in New York – otherwise it`s not legally valid. During the pandemic, New York City has allowed couples to hold video conferences while the couples, the best man and the official are in New York. If you don`t want a wedding ceremony, you can get married by signing a written marriage contract attested by two or more people. The contract must be accepted by the parties and witnesses before a New York judge.

A New York State marriage certificate can only be used in New York State.