What Is a Crazy Law in Illinois

So what does it take to get a permit that allows me to protest naked in front of City Hall? I want to do it. Lol I`m almost in tears because I laugh so hard at some of them! I wonder what kind of punishment bees receive? LMAO We shook our heads when the legislators went to Springfield (har har). But what about the REALLY weird laws in Illinois that are somehow in the books? We count our ten favorites. Get ready to marvel. A lot. I would like to get this permit so that I can protest together. lol no the only question is what 2 protest??? For the other 39 crazy Illinois laws, click on the comments. In the town of Carbondale, Jackson County, it is illegal for a person to stand on the sidewalk so as not to allow another person to pass or anything. This order was issued to arrest convenience stores and vagrants who often took to the camp to beg for money or to arrest/harass people who are downtown for dinner or business. We bet there are all sorts of crazy illegal things you`ve already done in Illinois! For example, in the city of Normal (which could be anything but), it is illegal to grimace dogs. You know, because dogs are. light. insulted? We suspect? Oh, and don`t even think about hanging things like fuzzy cubes or an air freshener around your rearview mirror in the car; It is illegal in these areas.

In Kenilworth, roosters are required by law to move 300 feet away from any place of residence before crowning. In a way, we have the impression that this particular law has fallen on deaf ears. Have you ever tried to make a rooster do something? Good luck, man. For more crazy laws in Illinois that you have or haven`t broken over the years, take a look at this article. Back in Galesburg, it is illegal to burn animal material within the city limits, including feathers and skins. Some of Chicago`s strange laws still in force border on the strange: it is illegal for a Chicagoan to dine in a burning restaurant; It is illegal for dogs to drink whiskey; It is illegal for your pet to have poor hygiene; You could be taken like a tramp if you have less than $1 with you. While we love to enjoy some fun facts about Illinois, we should remember that stereotypes are not facts! While stereotypes may sometimes seem true, they are often just an exaggeration created by strangers who don`t know the real company. If you want to learn more about these false stereotypes, check out this list of 12 completely false things you might believe about Illinois.

But we also recommend these 11 stereotypes about Illinois that are completely true. You can`t have one without the other, can you?! Before automobile manufacturing, the city had a number of ordinances that prohibited certain activities near the shores of the lake. One prohibited commercial vehicles (anything that carried goods) from using roads adjacent to the lake, such as Lake Shore Drive. As of 2020, the trucking ban still applies to Lake Shore Drive, and yes, that includes pickup trucks — even those that don`t carry goods or those that aren`t even considered commercial. Although this strange Chicago law is not closely monitored, Chicago police still issue citations when they see pickup trucks coming down the ride, and ignorant drivers are shocked to learn that they have broken a strange Chicago law that no one knows exists. If you want to learn more interesting facts and stories about Chicago, consider a Chicago city tour with L Stop Tours! These laws were passed by the state government. That`s why they don`t make sense. SUCKS! Why should you eat in a place that was on fire? I think hummine on public roads is banned on Sundays The law is a bit weird Most laws across the country are perfectly legitimate, but there are always those head scratches that make us wonder, who the hell came up with this?! And aren`t they the most interesting? Well, crazy or not, laws are laws. And while you`ll probably be perfectly comfortable doing any of these illegal things in Illinois, it`s still a good idea to be on the right side of the law. Check out these 10 weird laws in Illinois that will make you want to take a double hit. In 1984, at the behest of the Chicago Automobile Trade Association, the Illinois legislature passed a bizarre Chicago law that prohibited car dealerships in the state from opening their doors on Sundays. What for? Merchants say they wanted a day when their employees were with their families and didn`t have to worry about stolen sales from other merchants who chose to stay open that day.

The ban on Sunday car sales is still in effect throughout Illinois. With many other dealerships now open seven days a week, one can only wonder why car dealerships need to be uniquely protected. Stupid ass Illinois crooked idiot politician… Why am I not surprised? After all, that`s where Obama comes from. The largest duck in the pond. Look, guys, you`ve ruined the fun for the rest of us. Tisk, tisk! What strange laws have you broken in Illinois so far? Tell us about your bold stories about criminal gimmicks in the comments. For even crazier laws that you may or may not have broken, take a look at this article. MPP friends who write together about life, love and everything in between.

This Chicago law was introduced in 1919 during the silent film era. It states: “A film title must be sufficiently complete to describe the nature and character of the image in general. or be accompanied by other explanatory words, images or other means of advertising. The municipal authorities enacted this law to protect local audiences from films deemed immoral by the authorities. The founding fathers of the town of Joliet in Will and Kendall counties were tired of visitors mispronouncing the town`s name as “Jolly-Ette”, while everyone in the town called him “Joe-Lee-Ette”. They issued an edict forbidding people to mispronounce the city`s name, which was punished by a $5 fine. Join creatives who receive thoughtful blog posts about Spudart via the e-newsletter I could comment on many of them, but I`m bound to ask if roosters, chickens, and bees can read so they can comply with the law that applies to them! Ignorance of the law is no excuse, folks. How many of these strange laws in Illinois did you already know? Let us know in the comments! Or if you have other weird things about Illinois you`d like to share, we`re all ears! In the 1800s, Chicago stores staged spectacular shows in their windows.