Texas County Oklahoma Legal Map

If you are working with a legal document, you can find a description of the location of the package in the section. Again, the easiest way is to decode the description from right to left. A section is one square mile (640 acres) in this numbered community. The sections are numbered according to the following pattern: the SUFFIX is “c” or “cm” to identify the cimarron meridian as the reference meridian, and “i” or “im” to indicate the Indian meridian. If there is no suffix in Oklahoma, the description usually refers to the Indian meridian. This is the convention we have followed on this page. RANGE is measured east or west of the reference meridian and each zone is 6 miles wide. Township and range with ease! Use this free township and route locator to search by address, location, or reverse search by parcel description. View and search the Public Land Survey System (PLSS), also known as Congressional Townships or Survey Townships, down to section, quarter, and quarter section levels across the United States, all overlaid on a fully interactive Google map. You can also add section labels for municipal areas and overlay counties and cities! View thousands of active listings in the U.S. Browse farms, ranches, woodlots, hunting grounds, and other properties by location, size, and price.

Find land and contact a real estate agent to buy or sell real estate. To streamline the search, I created separate charts for each quadrant: Search U.S. farmland sales. View sale price, sale date, acreage, land use, buyer and seller names, and GIS data for each sale, and create a comparable sales report. Why was this tool developed? Many people asked to be able to search by section, municipality and area and see them displayed at the top of Google Maps. Zones 1E to 27E and cantons 1S to 10S. Click the link that contains your range number. The descriptions have the suffix section-canton-beach and are easier to decipher if you simply work from right to left. Take a quick look at the crops grown in a field last year or download a full report to get a history of the last five years of crop rotation.

Enter your description as “14N-1E” or “1N-1Ecm” when measured against the cimarron meridian, then click “Search” The catch is that not only does it find the map link it needs, but it takes each page with a reference to any place in that municipality. Access to the GIS platform map nationwide. View the parcel number, acreage and owner name of all parcels in more than 2,700 counties. Register as the owner of your land to receive requests from other users and communicate with the farming community. Connect with landowners and work with professional farmers to build your agricultural network. For every North Township and East Range, you go to northeast Oklahoma. Each numbered canton is therefore a square, 6 miles on each side, whose location is defined by a canton number and a range number. Currently available in California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wisconsin. You can get carbon credits by using agronomic practices such as catch crops, reduced tillage, and longer crop rotations, which can increase the carbon content of the soil. These practices can also help improve soil health by providing several operational benefits, including more stable yields, better water management, better field accessibility, effective weed management, and reduced total cost of ownership. It can also lead to an increase in soil value. Creating your personal user profile is the first step to creating the best connections and opportunities for the land.

Showcase your land and interests on your personal dashboard to better communicate with landowners, farmers, and land experts in your area. Search the AcreValue network map to search for profiles and land opportunities by location. For all of Oklahoma except the Panhandle, land descriptions are measured from a starting point about a mile south of Old Fort Arbuckle.