Tbs Crossfire Deutschland Legal

@pascallanger the Vantac or iRange lite modules do not come from RadioMaster that I know. What`s more, RadioMaster isn`t even legally on sale in Germany for good reason@kilrah you can run your crossfire on ppm until the serial number is ready. I wouldn`t expect it to be added unless someone in the community finds it in their heart to do so. Like when frsky switched to the slow inverters of the X transmitter line to interrupt the Crossfire feature. Only to violate their own speeds of the r9 system. New access transmitters are required. It will take someone in the community to find a solution. Ppm provides you with what you need, and you can use the Crossfires WiFi and an ESP8266 like the ESP-12S or ESP-12E to get Mavlink telemetry on a tracker. Or you can jump straight into the crossfire to view telemetry data on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. There is always a job. @jurajjurej I read that the Vantac module has a 64KB controller and, unlike the IRX4 (128kb), is based on fake chips, I couldn`t find an FCC ID associated with this module, so it`s technically not legal to use it in Europe as well.

If there is no frequency selection and only a limited power selection is available under “Menu” -> “General”, your TBS CROSSFIRE is locked. TBS CROSSFIRE is completely legal for countries that follow CE/ETSI, FCC or C-Tick rules. When you turn on the transmitter, you can see next to the version number for which the TBS CROSSFIRE control is blocked. The fact is, you are now angry because you bought something you knew before there was no support for crossfire at the time of purchase. And that you are now blaming someone else for not fulfilling your wish is just not real. Since “somewhere” it was said that “maybe” it will be worked in the future, it should have already been a signal for you not to buy it now. You should have waited, so the disappointment probably wasn`t that great. Blaming others really doesn`t make sense.

It`s the world upside down. Very interested to see when Frsky plans to unveil the roadmap on Crossfire support. Lua seems to be only a matter of time now. Hi, I`m reopening this since version 1.1 is out and Lua is probably working. Can we please have a roadmap to support external protocols? Keep in mind that this was one of the features present in the original product description and is a major selling point for many of us, as Expresslrs and Crossfire are widely used in the multirotor community. If you have to choose this mode at take-off, you should probably think about a new aerodrome! UPDATE: Just Read: Pascallanger/DIY-Multiprotocol-TX-Module #393 Note: The TBS Crossfire can stream on 868Mhz and 915Mhz at 10, 25, 100, 500mW (+1W and 2W with external power source) – please check with your local authorities for the operation of this device before purchasing. Regulations for electricity, usable frequencies and operating licences vary from region to region. To unlock the CROSSFIRE MICRO TX, enable TX and RX. Make sure the system is connected to a receiver and that the TX light is green. Press the link button more than 10 times in a row.

Go to the “Menu” > “General” and you should see a new selection called “Region”. Select “Open” to unlock your TBS CROSSFIRE Vantac is FrSky and these modules use the wrong size of stm32 flash. IRange is an independent company. You are using the correct stm32. I have no idea how these 2 companies buy Cyrf components. However, remote control connections have much more than the range. Telemetry, robustness against interference, connectivity with smart devices, ease of use and overall finish are too often sacrificed for this last piece of range. The Crossfire comes with plenty of range and uses that leeway for extra functionality and reliability. Eine glänzende Zukunft für FPV liegt vor 🙂 Ich hätte auch gerne ein paar Updates zu Wartezeiten, danke!.

@pascallanger OK. That is all I wanted to know. but I find it strange since the site horusrc which apparently belongs to Frsky sells both brands. I would even say that the Vantac MPM disappeared from the site and was replaced by the iRange IRX4 which makes me think of a new or improved module and not two different companies www.horusrc.com/en/modules/2-4ghz-module?product_list_limit=84 the case is so identical among Vantac, iRange iRX4, URUAV TMX5, Darwin ELRS. etc. that I dare not say that everyone makes his own. Hier muss aber jeder selbst entscheiden, was Ihm am ehesten zusagt. Da ich bislang selbst das Crossfire System gerne genutzt habe bin ich noch auf ein paar Detaillösungen aufgrund fehlendem OLED Display gespannt. So z.B.

die BIND Funktion oder auch die Telemetrie-Anbindung. Ich werde mir den Micro TX definitiv kaufen und testen. You can buy the module directly from TBS or soon in your favorite stores. I just wanted to express my concern and desire for multi-protocol support rather than serial. That`s the only thing stopping me from switching entirely to x20S and dropping my Spektrum radio. I am also not recommended to use Ethos because SBUS and CRSF are not supported. LUA is now available, so these things should be implemented. No one expects it overnight, but TBS and others provided FrSky with the appropriate equipment for implementation over a year ago. Really nice radio and almost pulled the trigger until I read that there is no CRSF, ghost and express LRS support. Hopefully, once the Lua scripts are edited, customers will get the features.

Keep up the good work and I will definitely come back later. Again great radio. If you are heading to a flight controller, you can go to “cut” and so for example A DJI-Naza As a modern R/C connection, it has integrated telemetry. Two-way communication opens up new possibilities. From streaming MAVLink to your smart device to updating your firmware, adjusting the channel of the video transmitter or adjusting flight control settings such as PIDs. Adaptive bandwidth controls the bit rate or optimizes the ultimate range. CRSF is a proprietary TBS communication protocol between Crossfire and R/C and flight control. It offers ultra-low latency with incredible bandwidth (3x faster, 6x more data than any comparable protocol!). With this tight integration, the TBS Crossfire is the logical choice for anyone using Betaflight, KiSS or ArduPilot/Pixhawk platforms. If not, you can switch to “868Mhz” under “Frequency”. Looking for a long-range FPV solution? Check out the TBS 2.4Ghz FPV ground station here.

In the following, I have copied the relevant excerpt. In my opinion, FrSky does not need to write LUA scripts for other hardware, but without the implementation of CRSF and SBUS on the module port, nothing can be done correctly. PPM is very old and Ethos should be more advanced. However, I assume no responsibility/guarantee for accuracy!!! The BlackSheep team is known for its long-distance records, ground flights in the Alps and urban operations. During our many assignments around the world, we compiled a list of requirements and found that no existing system could cover them all. So we embarked on a long and arduous journey to develop an RC-Link system from scratch and put it to the test for over a year to ensure best-in-class reliability and cutting-edge features. Press and hold the EXIT & MENU buttons for 6 seconds or more. (*requires version 3.7 or later) Now set the dynamics of the transmission power. @OldGazer STM32 is essentially the @pascallanger processor However, the Cypress chips (DSMX protocol) on which the MPM is based have not been produced for several years and therefore it is very likely that counterfeit chips will be used. To do this, we turn the Crossfire back on. You can also use the power supply confidently for tuning purposes through the PC`s USB port I have no idea how these 2 companies buy Cyrf components.

It still lacks features for all these protocols, it`s a lot of work, but the basis is there! To my knowledge, there are no counterfeit Cyrf components on the market like nrf.