T Shirt Legalize Freedom

I appreciate the tapered cut. I`m 5`11″ tall and about 185 pounds and a Large is a bit tight. I`m not going to dry this shirt in the dryer because I`m afraid it will shrink. Will come from them again. The Legalize Freedom T-shirt features a distressed “grunge” look, bold white letters, and a black-and-white American flag waving “Old Glory.” If you think it`s time for us to legalize freedom for all, this t-shirt is for you! Give a great gift for the patriot, libertarian or freedom-loving American in your life! funny satire, funny satirical text, legalize freedom, funny text, funny slogan, black text, censorship, legalize freedom, legalize freedom, legalize freedom, legalize freedom, woohoonation freedom of expression, freedom, free, libertarian, freedom, politics, politics, speech, anarchism, anarchist, censorship, cool, feminism, civil disobedience, cynical, cynicism, freedom of speech, government, protest, social justice, legalize freedom My new shirts are a great addition to my sportswear.