Requirements for a Civil Marriage in Florida

See the question “How do I get a certified copy of my marriage certificate?” above to determine how to obtain a certified copy of a marriage certificate. PLEASE NOTE: If one or both parties are Florida residents, the couple must wait three days for the marriage certificate to take effect or take a 4-hour premarital preparation course to waive the three-day waiting period. Note: Due to processing times, couples wishing to apply for a marriage certificate must report to the Marriage Certificates Service no later than 4:30 p.m. (please allow 30 minutes to complete the application process). To get a free copy of a marriage certificate registered in Lee County, search for official documents. For certified copy options, please visit our Copies of Documents page. Apply for your marriage certificate entirely online. To begin the process, please answer a few questions. If you use this option, you will need to upload a copy of both spouses` ID and a copy of the certificate of completion from the prenuptial course provider (if you took the prenuptial course). A marriage can only be officially registered when the licence is returned to the court registry.

The completed licence must be returned within 10 days of the wedding. Although the presiding judge is ultimately responsible for returning the licence, it can be returned to the court clerk`s office by anyone. Within ten (10) days of the marriage, he or she must issue a certificate of it on the marriage certificate and submit it to the registry of the district court that issued it. In order to obtain a marriage license in Brevard County, applicants must submit a joint application in person to the Brevard County Court Clerk. The marriage certificate is only valid in the state of Florida. Both parties must present their photo ID, military ID, or government-issued passport and know their Social Security number. Once applicants have submitted their important submission information, they may go to one of the six branches of the Brevard County Court Clerk at any time to complete the application process. Both parties must be present and present their valid government-issued photo ID, kiosk marriage certificate application number, and applicable marriage license fee to complete the process. Applicants under the age of eighteen (18) must have the consent of both parents, unless a court order has given sole custody to one of the parents; In this case, they must have the consent of the parent who has sole custody. Consent must be given at the time of application for a marriage certificate.

Applicants under the age of sixteen (16) must obtain court approval and should contact the court registry at (321) 637-2006 for further information. The marriage certificate is valid for 60 days after it is issued. You must perform the wedding ceremony before the end of these 60 days. Blood tests are not necessary. There is a 3-day waiting period after the license is issued before you can get married, unless you have completed the prenuptial course in Florida, in which case the waiting period will be lifted. Florida marriage statutes can be found here: The “Marriage License Kiosk” link connects to the Brevard County Court Clerk`s Marriage License Template. This template allows applicants to electronically submit their important information in advance to expedite the marriage license application process. Marriage license and discounted application (available at the end of a premarital preparation course by a licensed counselor with proof that the course has been completed): $61.00 3. The couple receives a receipt and a certified copy of their signed marriage certificate.

Some counties, such as Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Coral Springs, are currently piloting a virtual marriage certificate program that includes online videoconferencing. If your county offers this, it may be worth a try, but if time is of the essence, the website says, “It may be quicker for you to schedule an in-person appointment.” A marriage certificate or civil marriage through the court clerk`s office can be purchased at one of the places in the right-hand column. Once all the steps are completed, you will receive an email to download and print your marriage certificate. No district judge or clerk of the circuit court of that state may issue a marriage certificate for the marriage of a person present, unless an affidavit is first submitted and filed with the person, signed by both parties to the marriage, and made and signed before an officer legally authorized to take an oath. recite the real and correct age of these parties; unless both parties are over 18 years of age, except in F.S. In fact, it doesn`t matter. A marriage certificate issued by a Florida county is valid for a wedding ceremony performed throughout the state of Florida. If your license was purchased in another county or state, please note that you must search records for that county or state. The Bureau of Vital Statistics hosts all marriage licenses issued in Florida and is located at: Whether you`re planning remotely or living onsite, the process is the same for everyone. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get a marriage license in Florida. Applicants must provide a stamped, addressed, enterprise-sized envelope to return their certified true copy after the certificate is registered.

This can be purchased at the wedding counter for $1.00. Become a notary – If you want to be able to perform wedding ceremonies in the state of Florida, you can do so by becoming a notary. We offer this service entirely online – that is, you can fill out the required forms and we will submit your documents and send you official notarized documents and packages. Click here to register: To view a marriage certificate registered in Duval County since 1988, you can simply search for official documents online at Uncertified copies can be downloaded free of charge and printed on your own printer. If you would like a certified copy, please contact the Official Records and Research Department in room 1253 or call (904) 255-2200. We are happy to help. A couple has the option to take a bridal course with a registered course provider. If a prenuptial course certificate is submitted at the time of application for a marriage certificate, the fee will be reduced to $61.00 and the licence will take effect on the same day it is issued. The district judge or clerk of the district court issues any marriage certificate upon application for the licence, if it appears that there are no obstacles to the marriage. Florida residents applying for a marriage license have a choice: you can wait three days for the license to take effect, or you can take a premarital preparation course from a registered provider who waives the three-day waiting period.

If you wish to take one of these pre-nuptial courses, a directory of course providers is available in all courts. Please note that the Marriage Certificate Service does not offer this course. We invite you to visit our online search for pre-nuptial course providers to find a registered provider near you. (Please contact the Certificate Request Officer.) Each marriage certificate is issued by a district judge or district court clerk under his or her hand and seal. Marriage licenses are issued by counties, and you can apply for your license from any county official. Click here to see the contact information for the court clerk by county. You can get married in any Florida county, regardless of where you received your marriage license. To get a marriage license, you need: They don`t call it the Sunshine State for nothing! Florida has long been a popular venue for weddings and local weddings, offering just about everything you could want from a wedding state: warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, incredible hotels and resorts, and more.

But before you get caught up in the hustle and bustle (and fun!) of wedding planning, it`s so important to be prepared for all the not-so-small necessities. For example, a marriage certificate. Before solemnizing a marriage, either person must require the parties to obtain a marriage certificate issued by the Clerk of the Circuit Court and ensure that the ceremony takes place between the “effective date” and the “expiry date”. Obtaining your marriage certificate is an important and necessary step on your way to the altar. As with all important stages of marriage, it can be fun to make the process special! Plan a special lunch or dinner for the day, bring a friend in to take photos, or find other ways to make it a memorable one. You`ll be glad you did! An employee will answer you by phone or email to plan your wedding ceremony. The standard fee for the marriage certificate is $86.00 and includes a 3-day waiting period before a wedding ceremony can be celebrated. Residents of the State of Florida have the option of taking a prenuptial course from a registered provider or waiting a mandatory 3-day period before the marriage certificate takes effect. An online directory of premarital courses is available to help you find a prenuptal course provider (see Certificate Requirements Officer), or you can find a copy of this registry at any marriage service location. Non-residents of Florida are exempt from the waiting period for marriage license. Now it`s time to get married! Your issued marriage certificate is valid for 60 days from the date of issue, so it is imperative that your wedding day falls within this period.

An important factor is the 3-day waiting period.