Racine Du Mot Legal

legal pronunciation? identical male and legal female [leˈɣal] (female: legala; Plural: legals, legalas) (standardized spelling) fourteenth century. And only legally in positive law…, Oresme, Eth. 156. A man who holds the loys, Oresme, Thã ̈se de MEUNIER is said to be legal. Lat. legalis. Legal is the same as loyal (see this word). Legal has been revised in Latin; Primitive education is lethal or lawful. This meaning has© been©© forgotten; In addition, the girl©is tymologically, the same as loyal©. ©Murder by law, death sentence, which is unjust, but the forms of the law have been©© respected©. You can copy the following link to the clipboard: you have©©the right to access and rectify your personal data©, as well as to request its deletion within the limits provided by©law. For more information, see the Terms of Use. Which is in accordance with the law.

Voies lã©gales. Equality means©. Charles [1st of England] had domestic virtues, courage, moderation©, integrity©; but all his deeds were denied with the law in his hand; they could be good but they were not©©happy, Chateaubriand, Stuarts, Charles 1st. There was a text© that supported any encroachment©on power; there is one who forced© the doctor©to betray the institution where the wounded had©© been gathered©, Carrel, Åuvres, vol. IV, p. 209. By continuing your use of this site, you accept the use of a cookie to establish traffic statistics and personalize your navigation. To learn more, click here. ©All those who, in a constitution where there is no universal suffrage, have the exclusive right to appoint the representatives© of the country; declares itself against universal suffrage. LÃGAL, LÃGITIME. What is legal©is in accordance with the law. What is lawful©is consistent with the whole©©.

An act that violates the law can never be lawful©; But it may be legitimate©because of the circumstances. It allows you to create a hyperlink to this dictionary article. You can©also check your targeting options at any time. Learn more about our privacy policy©. To search for a word in the dictionary, simply type the first few letters. Use the Close Words button to turn on spelling and sound correction. The information collected is intended for CCM©Benchmark Group to ensure that you receive your newsletter. They are©also used© for promotional purposes using©subscribed options. XIII.

Jahrhundert. Thus, it has been claimed until one day that li legaus [people of the law] and li esleus and li other barons made an ensamle parliament, Chr. de Rains, p. 92.