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These online forms are located on a third-party website, and Pro Seniors cannot endorse or warrant the accuracy or currency of any website other than Pro Seniors. The online form creation process is an online interview session where the user enters information that leads to a custom form that can be saved and printed. We strongly recommend that you consult a lawyer for accurate answers to your personal legal questions. These online forms are provided for general information purposes and not legal advice. The law is complex and changes frequently. Before applying this information to a particular situation, call Pro Seniors` free legal helpline or consult a senior law lawyer. The Kate Love Simpson Library System is not responsible for the accuracy or suitability of these forms. These forms are provided in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded, viewed, and printed using Adobe Reader. Create a Financial Power of Attorney Using an Online Website Directivas Anticipadas del Estado de Ohio Entrevista en Espanol for Ohio (under construction) Legal Financial Power of Attorney – This leads to an explanatory page on the Pro Seniors website.

This page is currently being updated. Previous interviews were based on Adobe Flash, which was discontinued on December 31, 2020. Interviews are uploaded and will be available as they are updated. We apologize for the inconvenience. What if your landlord doesn`t pay electricity bill III? Application for Change of Custody – Parental Rights Judicial College – A Guide for Citizens to Represent Themselves in Court What to do if your landlord enters your home without notice. II. Application to Change Support – Medicine – Tax Exemption Youth: Affidavit of Compliance (under construction) If an agreement is reached while the divorce is pending – with the children. Simple Will – The self-directed interview is updated and now available.