The Far East is not seen, only one small island (Reisenjima)

If the local leadership were effective already, there would be no insurgency to fight, said Stephen Biddle from the Council on Foreign Relations.WORKING AROUND KARZAI The issue is not whether Karzai is an adequate partner but how to make his government into one, said Biddle, adding Washington should continue to use against the Afghan leader but just in private.The Obama administration is already working around Karzai where need be, targeting ministers seen as more competent in trying to boost capacity in the government. Capital days before Karzai to prepare for meetings. Official, who asked not to be named.One of the key issues where both sides are still trying to find common ground is how far Karzai will go in reconciling members of the Taliban, set to be discussed at a peace or consultative meeting in Kabul on May 29.He also said there must be momentum on the battlefield for the Taliban to lay down their arms.timing, how the reconciliation process works.

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