I would say that the price is genuinely 9

Another cultural aspect is that I probably (higher) middle class. Both my parents were teachers and I never really got much from them, but we had a big house and a garden, which I thought was normal until visiting friends in school which made me realise maybe we are not regular middle class but already upper? That and that we could afford one to two holidays a year while some of my friends had never gone further than the Netherlands until a class trip in 12th grade 1 point submitted 4 hours agoHey sorry for asking the worst question but, what the deal with saying Nigger with a hard r? I see it get referenced several times, like here, in the idubbbz feud with Tana Mongeau or in the movie Popstar never stop never stopping.And would saying Nigger without a hard r even be accepted anyway? And I can really hear the difference. Is it like you make sure the R is heard at the end of the word and without the “hard r” it like the Nigga in hip hop songs? Here we didn really have a problem with the word, the German word “Neger” was deemed the offensive one since “Nigger” only appears in American Hip Hop songs, but with the spread of awareness Nigger becomes less accepted as well.

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