Coffee Bean is an incredible closer


As a self proclaimed Travis stan, this album was a real earworm. Just going down the tracklisting, I don think we seen nor will see a more stacked feature listing this year. While Travis canada goose outlet store new york has become less involved in production over his more recent projects (according to the credits), it clear he the architect of sound. Dropping Swae Lee as just backing vocals on Sicko Mode, using Sheck Wes only for ad libs on No Bystander, and a plethora of other examples go to show how tedious canada goose outlet legit he crafted each artist into this work.Favorite overall track has to be Skeletons, that some baller shit to have a Tame Impala beat, and only use The Weeknd and Pharrell sparingly as instruments. One of the best parts is how he chooses to use his features. Like I got canada goose jacket outlet the perfect amount of JuiceWRLD to song ratio. I never seen the migos utilized so cleanly.I was way bigger on canada goose outlet boston the album canada goose outlet london uk the first spin than I am by the fifth. The stretch from Wake Up to NC 17 is not my favorite and canada goose outlet london kind of slows the album down too much. canada goose outlet mississauga I don like Travis on NC 17 at all he just sounds like that dude on Twitter canada goose outlet store toronto who went viral for actin way too horny. The 21 Savage verse is incredible and from then on the album really just goes.I not sure if I like all the canada goose uk beat switching on Sicko Mode. I like all the performances and beats so much I canada goose outlet official kind of wish they were all full songs. It still works very well though. And I wish the second half of Stargazing was it own track but that not a huge issue.When this album wants to be wild it is. It blows my mind that the beat on Caroseul reminds me so much of how it sounds when people are on a canada goose outlet near me Caroseul. Canada Goose Outlet Just the way the vocals that make up the beat fade in and out, such a nice touch. Great canada goose shop uk verse from Frank too.I had no idea he could make songs like Stop Trying To Be God or Skeletons. His vocals have really improved and it gives his atmospheric instrumentals so much of a needed groove. Def two of my favorites on the album.Astrothunder is such a blend of Rodeo and Birds. canada goose outlet store uk I glad most of the other tracks sound like their own thing or an extension of previous ideas, but hearing him do the Rodeo esque synth canada goose outlet store quebec work with the trappier beats of Birds was so cool.Coffee Bean is an incredible closer. 30 for 30 freestyle vibes. Too Many Chances vibes.Overall I really enjoying it. Idk if it better than Rodeo but certainly a worthy canada goose factory outlet vancouver successor. I love the way songs just flow into each other, makes the whole experience very singular. I kind of wish I got more bars on this album but, he does address this in second half of Stargazing where he says”If I take you to my past you will be traumatized, I got a thousand kids outside just tryna come alive”.I think that line really boils down what this album is trying to accomplish. It for the kids. But sonically, it incredibly fresh and complex.Oh and uh Shout out Don canada goose outlet factory Toliver. Travis came with amazing production and vibes. Features were great(except nav)Juice wrld on no bystanders is like swae lee on nightcrawelr. They were both known for their poppy hooks but travis utilized them for his soundSwae Lee killed his features canada goose outlet in usa as did the weeknd.I wish that tay keith didnt produce the third part of Sicko modeStop trying to be god is up there in Travis discographyStargazing is a great intro, loved canada goose outlet uk the beat switch too. High pitched part is amazingButterfly effect actually fits well in the context of the albumNc 17 was smooth canada goose outlet shop af. I would rather have Future on that than 21 savage but still a great songYosemite should have had Thugger instead of NavHonestly gonna need a couple more listens before I can say anymore, a lot of things to digest, but canada goose outlet store near me i would say this is just as good as Rodeo.

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