But Sanders isn’t backing down

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canada goose factory outlet Obama administration officials on Wednesday played down concerns about escalating tensions, likening the race to the 2008 primary fight between Clinton and then Sen. Barack Obama.But Sanders isn’t backing down. A campaign spokesman said Wednesday that Canada Goose sale the campaign was “looking into” whether to ask for a recount in Kentucky, where Sanders narrowly lost on Tuesday night, and he fired up his crowd in Southern California Tuesday night by calling out the Democratic establishment.Dems’ new fear: Sanders revolt Canada Goose Jackets could upend Democratic conventionThe Sanders campaign on Tuesday did condemn unruly behavior from supporters Canada Goose online and those who made Canada Goose Outlet threats to party leaders, but made clear it is sticking with its stance that the party canada goose deals is subverting the process in a way that benefits Clinton.”These claims that our campaign is sort of fomenting violence in some way are absolute nonsense,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday night, adding that the campaign “absolutely, categorically” condemns any threatening behavior.The breakdown in civility comes after what has otherwise been a comparatively polite campaign season for Democrats, but the frustration exposes a rift in the party and undercuts the notion that Clinton will be able to march into the Democratic convention this summer with a party unified behind her.Throughout the year, Sanders and his supporters have complained about the nomination process and ways they believe it has helped Clinton, including debates held on Saturday nights, closed primaries in major states such as New York, and the use of superdelegates essentially free agent party and union stalwarts who are overwhelmingly backing Clinton.Changing superdelegate rules would still leave Sanders behind”The problem is that canada goose coats there are long simmering concerns about unfair treatment out in the Nevada Democratic Party,” Weaver added. canada goose factory outlet

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