Problem with League streaming is that it very hard to get a

A vehicle that isn’t in Park can roll away and potentially injure or, in Yelchin’s case, kill someone.Weeks before Yelchin was killed Sunday, Fiat Chrysler had sent a written recall notice to owners warning them to make especially sure their cars are in Park before getting out of the vehicles. The notice also said they would get another letter later indicating when they could get their cars fixed.Related: Jeep that killed ‘Star Trek’ actor Anton Yelchin was flagged for safety problemsAs of the day Yelchin was killed, Fiat Chrysler had not yet announced a fix for the problem.But the automaker had already started sending a software patch to its dealers to fix vehicles like Yelchin’s last week. It had planned to mail notices to owners alerting them to the availability of the fix on Friday, June 24.It’s common practice for automakers to wait until it ships parts or distributes software to fix a recall problem before notifying owners.

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