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Canada Goose online An Internet agency discovered that 50% of Modi 1 million followers on twitter are fake the other side Shreyan Shah, the editor of Guarat Samachar, the state largest selling daily with an authentic 1.5 million subscribers describes Modi as just good marketer who sell a fridge on the North Pole the unkindest cut Modi could have bestowed upon the people of Gujarat and India is the uncanny timing of the visit of Rehman Mallik Interior Minister the Gujarat elections. After the first phase on 13th December 2012 which Modi chips were seen as going down comes to Delhi and makes a comparison between 26/11 and the Babari Mosque demolition Modi gets his Maut Ka Saudagar moment. He is able to achieve what calling Ahmed Patel Miyan and inventing the fear of a Muslim Chief Minister of Gujarat in an atmosphere of xenophobia where even rich Muslims cannot buy property in posh localities of major Gujarati towns not: the Canada Goose online.