Good life lesson in playing permadeath

I love how rimworld saves make you see your colonys story

Eh, idk, I pretty sure that this happened right canada goose outlet eu after the update that made this possible (unless I just got lucky that it never happened before). In my canada goose outlet los angeles current colony I went from a solid colony of five people down to two after canada goose outlet legit a raid, but managed to recover over time. That what I enjoy about permadeath canada goose outlet phone number or commitment. That other save though just got instantly ended by something that I never even knew was possible and had no canada goose outlet uk way of knowing I needed to prepare for. There was no recovery canada goose parka outlet uk or canada goose jacket outlet epic final struggle, just a swift massacre before I could even get people into any sort of defensive positions. It still much more challenging and canada goose kensington parka uk exciting than playing canada goose outlet ottawa with saves enabled. If canada goose outlet online you canada goose outlet store quebec aren paying attention to autosaves (which I don and you get in a situation where you want to revert, you need to weigh that against having to redo lost work and what good events you might lose. Shit, maybe you needed to beat that raid that just kicked your ass in order to survive winter. Traps needed to be manually reset by a pawn but costed 0 resources to do so and could be placed adjacent. Now they need to be rebuilt each time and require some spacing. It definitely a fair nerf IMO but substantially limits trap utility for anything past early game.For example on traps previous OPness here a picture of just a few taking down a pack of maneater bears:Yeah, but everyone is assuming he hasn For all we know, he can have 1000 hours of gameplay. If he likes the game, he get there. Or what if he trying it because the same thing that happening in the comment section happened before and people are doing it all over again. It just annoying you can mention saving without this uproar of “suggestions”.It not the end of the world and your opinions of Rimworld doesn make you a bad guy, but I just think it be nice for people to play how they want without being told that it wrong. You gotta learn to accept the good with the bad. Good life lesson in playing permadeath.And none of that bs of saying rimworld is too buggy because it isn If you adding and removing mods daily then just make a backup of your save file. There a big button that takes you right to your saves folder.OP, this made me laugh I completely relate. I name my saves really similarly!I at a level of proficiency with the game where I could probably play on permadeath mode on “some challenge” or maybe “rough” but HOT TAKE I don want to because I know what I like and I have like 350 hours in this game and I ain bored yet. Maybe I try it one day but like, I really don care??? I can always (and usually Canada Goose Outlet do) just choose not canada goose outlet in canada to savescum if I want a more authentic experience. More likely to just switch to a different canada goose outlet toronto location game I already own if canada goose outlet winnipeg I am so bored that only the inability to save my game will up the ante for me with Rimworld!I mean, it like 5 of canada goose outlet england the top comments, lol. And some of them are pretty aggressive and demeaning. Not accusing you, I can get how annoying it must be if this argument happens canada goose outlet factory once a week, but the best way to stop it is to not have people say “You don play permadeath? Wow, you canada goose outlet winnipeg address aren having fun then” whenever a guy posts a screenshot that shows he on save state mode.If someone canada goose jacket outlet toronto asks which mode to play, feel free. But this dude wanted to talk about funny save state titles and got “PLAY PERMADEATH”, “Ugh, shut up about permadeath”, and now “Can people calm with the permadeath hate?”. I will admit to contributing, canada goose outlet in uk but it easier canada goose outlet montreal to stop at the source.

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