Ghrelin, the hormone responsible for appetite stimulation in

Couldn believe this was happening.Four of the men, Gui Minhai, Lui Por, Cheung Chi ping and Lam, gave details of their alleged offences to China’s Phoenix Television in February, saying they’d been detained for “illegal book trading” in mainland China.Wang Chaoye, an official with China main representative office in Hong Kong, declined to comment on Lam testimony when contacted by Reuters.Lam said he was barred from calling his family or contacting a lawyer during his detention, while being monitored 24 hours a day. He was later transferred to Shaoguan, a city in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong.The bespectacled Lam, who appeared tired after deliberating for two days on whether to go public, said the case had violated Hong Kong rights and that he needed to speak out no matter what the risks to his personal safety or that of his mainland Chinese girlfriend.hope the central government will not. Do something against my friends.Lam said he was asked by the Chinese officers who detained him to return to Hong Kong to retrieve records of customers who ordered banned books from his bookshop.

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