“She came into my house with a shotgun

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canada goose coats on sale Few would have believed that Ben Elton could ever again reach the levels of wit and canada goose outlet near me invention in Blackadder, so low had his stock fallen, but the opening episode of the third series of the Shakespearean sitcom confirms it as his finest work since the Atkinson Robinson canada goose outlet england classic, replete with nimble wordplay, crass silliness and gleeful anachronisms. As always, the episode pivots on a play from the Bard’s back catalogue, as Will (David Mitchell) wrestles with A Midsummer Night’s Dream, convinced it is destined to be one of the finest stage comedies in history. His actors, however, are of the canada goose coats uk opinion that it needs to be funny first, lest canada goose stockists uk it becomes A Midsummer Night’s Snooze.. canada goose coats on sale

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