notion that Allergan should execute the largest acquisition in

William Ackman, founder and CEO of hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management, speaks to the audience about Herbalife company in New York, July 22, 2014. REUTERS/Eduardo MunozIn a letter sent to Allergan nine directors, Ackman said actions have wasted corporate resources, delayed enormous potential value creation for shareholders, and are professionally and personally embarrassing for you.smell of strong brew is in the air, now is the time to wake up, he wrote in the letter which was released in a regulatory filing.It has been five months since Ackman, whose $15 billion Pershing Square Capital Management hedge fund is Allergan largest investor, announced he is working with rival drug maker Valeant which wants to buy Allergan.Despite sweetened terms from Valeant, Allergan has steadfastly refused to sell itself to its rival, sued the company and Ackman, and has tried to line up another potential partner.Now with his three page long letter dated September 9, the New York based hedge fund manager seems to want to give this board one more chance to take action before a special meeting at the end of the year where he hopes to replace most of them with his own slate of directors.He told them they can still their reputation by taking over the leadership from CEO David Pyott, who is, in Ackman words trying to a transaction.Allergan, Ackman said, has itself in running the most shareholder unfriendly, hostile defense process perhaps in the history of corporate America.He listed what he considers Allergan missteps, underscoring that the recent departure of the chief financial officer, Jeff Edwards, at age 53 was particularly worrying.notion that Allergan should execute the largest acquisition in its history led by an investor relations executive is a frightening proposition, he wrote.Ackman is the latest in a string of activist hedge fund managers who are resorting to penning strongly worded letters to board members as they push for change. Daniel Loeb, who runs Third Point, made these types of letters famous with missives about Yahoo before he won board seats and played a critical role in picking a new CEO..

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