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Supporters might have looked up to see Air Force One passing serenely overhead. Doubtless the president was on board as he “tweeted” his pallid support for the embattled Democrat, Tom Barrett. We can bet the president was wearing his comfortable pair of shoes as he hit that “send” button..

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canada goose clearance sale This was a big deal because it equivalent to Bethesda trying to shut down a mod.I swear the name romhack confuses people, we should call them RomMods because that what they are. As long as they don distribute the BIOS or anything owned by SONY, they can do anything Canada Goose Outlet about it. Sony was actually involved in a lawsuit against a company called “BLEEM” who canada goose outlet 2015 sold a PS1 emulator, and BLEEM won the lawsuuit (other winners were the emulation community as a whole, because this lawsuit defacto legalized emulation).Sony just bought BLEEM, though, so they went away overnight canada goose clearance sale.